Ricardo of Montblanc
Protector of Montblanc and San Joan
No official portrait
Protector of Montblanc and San Joan
Reign 25 May 2011 - Present
Coronation 26 of May of 2011
Predecessor Kingdom founded
Sucessor In charge
Runa María of Manú
Full name
Ricardo Oviedo Garbiso
Posthumous name
Ricardo I of Luftchen-Vadenburg,
Ricardo I of Luftchen,
Ricardo I of Vadenburg
House House of Oviedo-Garbiso
Father Alexander I of Oviedo
Mother Clodeth I of Garbiso
Born Hamburg, Germany
Religion Open

Styles of
Ricardo of Montblanc
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Sire

H.M. Ricardo I of Oviedo-Garbiso, is the current Protector (formelly called King) and founder of Montblanc. Since his entrance in the micronational world he have been Chancellor of the Cizlandeese Republic, Prime minister of Cizland, Duke of Vadenburg, Archduke of Luftchen, Grand Duke of Luftchen-Vadenburg, Holy Emperor of Dussmark and leader of the czean independent movement. He helped the Cizlandeese Republic to be a micronation, and as a close friend to the empress Iryna I, helped the monarchical movement in Cizland. When the Puente-Oviedo family agreement was send to Iryna I, he officially entered to the Imperial Cizlandeese family. When the Unión Agreement united Cizland, the Czean Republic and Dussekstein in one micronation, he claimed job as Holy Emperor, and it was like that for one month when empress Michelle I claimed the title of Holy Empress because of the nearness of the Puente family with the Stravinskov family. In May 23 of 2011, he proclaimed himself as the leader of the Czean Independence Movement of Dussmark; and because of that, the empress exiled him from Dussmark. In May 25 of 2011, he, with other four people founded the Kingdom of Montblanc and San Joan.

Personal and Early lifeEdit

He was borned in the city of Hamburg, Germany, son of venezuelan parents. He moved in to Mérida City at age 3, and since then he lives there. He's now studing linguistics, and speaks spanish, english and limited japanese.


  • His Majesty, Ricardo I of Oviedo-Garbiso, Protector of Montblanc and San Joan, Sire of the Two Middle Lands.
  • His Imperial and Royal Majesty, The Holy Emperor Ricardo the I of Dussmark-Oviedo and Garbiso of the Holy Imperial Dussesh Empire **
  • His Serene Ducal Highness The Grand Duke Ricardo the I of Dussmark-Oviedo and Garbiso of the Grand Duchy of Luftchen-Vadenburg*
  • His Archducal Highness The Archduke Ricardo the I of Cizland-Oviedo and Garbiso of the Imperial Archduchy of Luftchen *
  • His Ducal Highness The Loyal Duke Ricardo the I of Cizland-Oviedo of the Loyal Duchy of Vadenburg *
  • Master of the Great Imperial Order of Ricardo I
  • Great Member of the Order of the Three Stars and St. Benedict
  • High Knight of the Order of Gentelman and Ladies of St. Benedict


He is member of the Imperial Order of the Three Stars and St. Benedict and is a important member of the Order of Gentleman and Ladies of St. Benedict. He also recived the Imperial Cizlandeese Medal for being the prime minister. He was also the founder and master of the Great Imperial Order of Ricardo I, order wich is still on use.


See alsoEdit

Preceded by: Protector of Montblanc and San Joan Succeded by:
- 25 May 2011 - Present -

Preceded by: Holy Dussesh Emperor Succeded by:
Natalya of Cizland 20 April 2011 - 14 May 2011 Michelle of Dussmark

Preceded by: Grand Duke of Luftchen-Vadenburg Succeded by:
Title created 14 May 2011 - May 23 2011 Title aboloshed

Preceded by: Archduke of Luftchen Succeded by:
Title created 31 March 2011 - 19 April 2011 Title abolished

Preceded by: Duke of Vadenburg Succeded by:
Title created 31 March 2011 - April 19 2011 Title abolished

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