People's reformed Territory of the Greater Joinville Islands Group

Flag of the Greater Joinville Islands Group

Capital: None
Population: 0
Registered Citizens: 0
Area: 11,429 Square Kilometers (4,412 Square Miles)
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The People's reformed Territory of the Greater Joinville Islands Group is the People's reformed States Republic's claim on Antarctica. It is the PrSR's second territory. It has not been visited yet and, most likely never will be.


The claim includes the Joinville Islands Group near the tip of the Antarctic Penninsula and all the islands surrounding it that are in the rectangular area. The area contains 11,429 square kilometers (4412 square miles). The claim contains every part of space in the area:

North of: 63 45' S

East of: 58 00' W

South of: 62 50' S

West of: 56 44' 41" W

People's reformed States Republic
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