New Central

The flag of New Central.

Parent nation: A1
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Capital: Ppritville
Type of protectorate: Standard
Communes: Ppritville & Filland
Formation: January 2008 (reformed December 2009)
Area: ~200 sq. m
Governor: N/A
Website: N/A

New Central is the original area of A1, recently being formed into a protectorate.

History Edit

New Central was the first territory liberated in the Pprit Revolution in late 2007. This then resulted in the interim central government of A1 being set up, with the constitution and Bill of Rights being approved by the A1 People's Congress in early January 2008.

It was invaded during the Great Patriotic War by Federal State of A1 forces, with all communes, save for Ppritville and Filland, being taken over and relinquished to the FSA1 in the Caulfish Convention.

In October 2010, following the end of their secondary education, 95% of New Central's citizenry renounced their citizenship as a result, leaving only three citizens in New Central.

Government Edit

New Central does not have a separate government or governor, owing to an administrative decision by the National A1 Government to not establish one due to the creation of unnecessary bureaucracy, owing to the fact that the Ministry of Interior could take up the responsibilities that a Governor would usually take in a protectorate.

Economy Edit

File:Central A1 east border.jpg

Exports of gas and electricity to neighbouring A2 keep New Central in the position of second most economically productive, second only to Filland.

Climate and geography Edit

The highest point in A1 used to be on the roof of New Central, but the title is now in Filland.

The Great Window Opening Tornado Disaster 2008 occurred in A1, with a special commemoration day held every year to remember this disaster.

Temperature variation is very high - ranging from up to 47 degrees (Celsius) in summer to less than 5 degrees in winter.

Sister city Edit

25px Saint Rychard, Slinky Empyre.

See also Edit

The Most Glorious People's Republic of A1

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