His Royal Highness
Ethan Anderson

By the Grace of God King of Eania, Knight of Eania, Duke of Eania, and Governor of Ea

1st King of Eania (formerly known as EA and Home Sweet Home)
Assumed office:
c. June 2005 (5 years)
Preceded by: Throne Established
Succeeded by: Reigning
1st Governor of Ea

2008 - April 29, 2010 (2 years)

Preceded by: Office Created
Succeeded by: Jason Worthington
Personal Information
Macronationality: American
Micronationality Eanian
House: House of Anderson
Heir: HRH Princess Destiny (presumptive)
Residence: Ironton, Ohio
Religion: Non-denominational Christian

HRH Ethan ED (born Ethan Anderson) is the king regnant and supreme power of the People's Republic of Eania. He has ruled over the micronation since the Eanian Revolution that earned its independence, as he was active in the war, although it was not until April 24, 2010 that he received full power as ruler from Prime Minister Austin Worthington, whom he had appointed as regent in his place five years earlier.

Though Worthington resigned from the office of Prime Minister in July 2010, he remained on as a key advisor to the King. Unfortunately, the monarch's relations with Worthington's successor, Hadassah Heimlich, have been strained, as, in September 2010, she accused him of treason. An investigation into this claim is undergoing.

Public perception and character Edit

Since the King rarely gives interviews, little is known of his personal feelings. Despite being a total monarch, Ethan has not expressed his own political opinions in a public forum.

As a young leader at the start of his reign, Ethan was depicted as a glamorous "Herculean King", emerging victoriously from the Eanian Revolution. After the trauma of the war, it was a time of hope, a period of progress and achievement heralding a "new Ethanian age". Polls in 2010 revealed strong support for the King; the majority of respondents desired that he remain on the throne until his death.

Religion Edit

Though Ethan has no official religious role in the Eanian government, he personally practices non-denominational Christianity. He does not regularly attend any church service. The King also demonstrates support for inter-faith relations.

Titles and styles Edit

Ethan has held titles since the People's Republic of Eania was established under the name "Home Sweet Home." In common parlance, he is The King or His Majesty. Additional styles include Governor of Ea and Duke of Eania. When in conversation with the King, the practice is to initially address him as Your Majesty and thereafter as Sir.

Ancestry Edit

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