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Ashukovo, officially the Ashukov Federation (Ashukov: Ashukovski Federacija; Ашуковски Федерацийа), is a transcontinental Federation, with claims in Europe, North America, Antarctica, and Africa.


Talks on the formation of a Federation were held by Joseph Kennedy and Edward Jacobs soon after the dissolution of the Confederation of Amager, of which Montania, Akharnes, and Dorién were formerly members. It was decided that the culture of the Federation should be based around the Slavic cultures of Europe, of which both Jacobs and Kennedy were admirers. Soon after Ashukovo was announced, Dradelia and Dorién stated their intentions to join. The Federation was formed on May 25, 2013, after the Dradelian Parliament became the last of the legislatures of the four aspiring member States to approve the constitution. Joseph Kennedy was elected the first President of the Federation soon after.


The Ashukov Federation is governed as a Parliamentary Republic. The President is the Head of State, and appoints a large majority of government officials. The Prime Minister, appointed by the President, is the Head of Government. Both the President and Prime Minister serve for a term of four months. The judiciary, the Supreme Court, consists of the Supreme Judge and two lesser judges. The Legislature is known as the Federal Assembly. Each member state can allocate up to two seats in the Assembly, these seats belonging to the two most important government officials from each State. The Council of Ministers is the executive body of the Federation, and its members are appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister, who leads the Council.

Political PartiesEdit

Party Founded Ideology Leader
100px 2013 Pan-Slavism, Statism, Patriotism, Cultural Development, Green Democracy Edward Jacobs
100px 2013 Democratic Socialism Joseph Kennedy


Ashukovo is a Federation of numerous states, who are guaranteed numerous rights outlined in the Constitution.

Flag & name Population Area (m2) Federal Assembly Delegates Head of State Head of Government
50px People's Republic of Montania 11 >4,000 Harry Fitzpatrick, Joseph Kennedy President Harry Fitzpatrick Premier Joseph Kennedy
50px Federal Republic of Akharnes 9 5,000,000  Edward Jacobs, Hasan Çakar President Edward Jacobs (Head of State and Head of Government) Vice President Hasan Çakar (Deputy Head of State and Head of Government)
50px Republic of Dradelia 4 35,000 Robert Garside, Martin Garside President Robert Garside Prime Minister Martin Garside
50px Federation of Dorien 23 Sebastian Schriber, Edwardo Thalberg President Sebastian Schriber Prime Minister Edwardo Thalberg
50px Republic of Aetos 5

Jacob Huff

Nathan Ford

Consul Jacob Huff (Head of State and Head of Government)  Censor Nathan Ford (Deputy Head of State and Head of Government


Ashukov culture is considered a branch of the Slavic cultures of Europe, however all States of the Federation are allowed full cultural freedom.

The Ashukov language is currently being developed by the Committee for the Construction of the Ashukov Language, which is not affiliated with the government.

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