Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd of Carothan

Edd at 20 months
Personal information
Sire: Champion Wonderbulls Amaretto of Copperfield
Dam: Black Current of Hyerdunscar
Bloodlines: Frankental, Graecia, Troumaca
Born: 29 December 2008 (aged 4)
Residence: Wrythe, Austenasia

Edd (pedigree name: Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd of Carothan) is a bullmastiff owned and loved by the Austenasian Imperial Family. Edd was born in Bolton and bought from there by Emperor Terry in March 2009, joining Rose, another bullmastiff (his 6th cousin).


Edd is descended from the Graecia and Frankental kennels, both known for producing superb Champions in Britain and overseas. Edd has qualified for Crufts 2010, 2011, and 2012, and has a hipscore of 26.


Show resultsEdit

Having such a good showing pedigree, Edd has been taken to a lot of dog shows in the period of time owned by the Imperial Family, and has consistently come in the top three of his class.

Date Show Judge Award Photo
5 July 2009 British Bullmastiff League Open Show Mrs. C Freshney 1st Minor Puppy Dog
"6 months light red, straight front, cat feet, short back, nice bend of stifle. Very happy little boy at his first show, just wanted to play"
25 July 2009 Leeds City & District Canine Association Championship Show Sue Hewart Chambers 1st Puppy Dog
"Showing promise. Everything is in the right place."
2 August 2009 Southern Bullmastiff Society Championship Show Mr. B. Warren 2nd Minor Puppy Dog (Qualified Crufts 2010)
"Excellent head with beautiful expression and lovely pigment. Straight front, with cat like feet. A little weak on hind quarters with a steep croup at present moved OK."
20 September 2009 Welsh & West of England Bullmastiff Society Open Show Mrs. M. Presland 2nd Minor Puppy Dog
"Another of good quality and type, lovely head coming, good body with plenty of bone and substance, super hindquarters moved well"
18 April 2010 Bridgeford and District Canine Society Open Show Bradley Richards 1st Junior Dog 100px
2 May 2010 Welsh & West of England Bullmastiff Society Championship Show M. Rayman Soulat 3rd Junior Dog (Qualified Crufts 2011)
12 June 2010 Three Counties Championship Show Mr. D. Webster 2nd Junior Dog (Qualified 2nd time for Crufts 2011)
"He has a very pleasing skull and muzzle and a first class expression. Moderately arched neck leading to a back that's short enough but not level. His chest is broad and deep with good bone and straight front. Good rear angulation."
1 August 2010 Southern Bullmastiff Society Championship Show Mrs. Mary Jones 1st Post Graduate Dog (Qualified 3rd time for Crufts 2011)
"Good head & expression, with correct pigmentation, good reach of neck, well laid shoulder, broad front, would prefer better tailset, but a good strong dog. Shown & moved well."
1 May 2011 Welsh & West of England Bullmastiff Society Championship Show Mrs. Tracey Walker 3rd Post Graduate Dog (Qualified Crufts 2012)
"Good strong head, strong firm neck, strong straight front, nice let down chest and large spring of rib, good strong rear angulation, he was presented in good hard condition and no doubt he could have worked all day, fittest in the class, just preferred the overall balance of 1st and 2nd placings although really liked this boy."


Emperor Terry planned that if Rose never had any puppies that the Imperial Family kept, then Edd would succeed her as Mascot of the Order of the Bullmastiff.

It was unknown if Emperor Esmond III would follow this plan after the birth of Lilly, Rose's only puppy, but after she was sold Esmond III decreed on 16 September 2010 that unless Rose ever gives birth again then upon her death he would make Edd the new Mascot - he is therefore expected to succeed Rose as Mascot, although Emperor Declan I has not yet made any similar announcement.

The Mascot must be descended from Champion Ambassador of Buttonoak, and Edd is therefore qualified if he succeeds Rose, as he is descended in the following way:

  • CH Ambassador of Buttonoak (b: 3 May 1953)
  • CH Bulstaff Brobdingnag (b: 31 March 1959)
  • CH Bulstaff Achilles (b: 2 January 1961)
  • Sherharazade of Mureken (b: c. 1963)
  • Camelot of Mureken (b: c. 1966)
  • CH Thorfin of Oldwell (b: c. 1968)
  • CH Nicholas of Oldwell (b: 25 December 1971)
  • Leyrigg Bonny Kirsty (b: c. 1974)
  • Leyrigg Lady Isla (b: c. 1977)
  • Struanmor An Nuna (b: 26 February 1979)
  • CH Graecia Centaur (b: 14 October 1981)
  • CH Saturn of Graecia (b: 7 July 1987)
  • Iron King of Evenstar (b: 6 April 1989)
  • CH Ironbru of Evenstar (b: 17 April 1991)
  • Graecia Ambition For Troumaca (b: 14 December 1992)
  • Troumaca Antillian (b: 22 December 1994)
  • Graecia Black Opal (b: 11 March 2000)
  • Black Current of Hyerdunscar (b: 9 February 2004)
  • Hyerdunscars Notorious Edd of Carothan (b: 29 December 2008)


Edd is descended from the Graecia and Frankental kennels of bullmastiffs, both well-known kennels of British and international Champions.

In popular cultureEdit

Edd has starred in the sci-fi series Cool Barbie, playing himself in Cool Barbie III and IV.

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